Fifa 09 xbox 360 wont let me connect to some friends on live

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Found 5th Feb 2009
Hi for some reason when i invite a friend on fifa 09 onlive it says game disconected,it only does it on one of my friends for some reason.any idea what it could be,we cant get pass the team selection menu



try testing your network settings (nat) go to dashboard and find your network settings.

Yes deffo sounds like a NAT problem to me...

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i can connect to randon players online just not this 1 friend on my lst

Probably something to do with the NAT settings of both of your consoles - if either of you has a "strict" setting, you may struggle to connect to each other. But would not necessarily stop you connecting to other people, if their settings are "open".

might be worth taking a peak on here:…/3/

this worked for me

Try a restart of the router and XBox first. If still not working, try this:

Go to Start, Run and type cmd
Then type telnet and press Enter(where this is the ip of your router) could be 168.0.1 or 168.1.1 etc)))))))))
Enter your username and password

Then type the following exactly as shown below and press Enter after typing the 0

:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=0
:ids config state disabled
:connection appconfig application=CONE(UDP) timeout=0


Fifa is an EA game. If your friend is under 13yrs old on their Xbox registration details it won't let them go online no matter what settings you have on xbox. This applies to even 3yrs+ games. I found this out when one of my children found they couldn't play online on an EA game. Just a possibility
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