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    Ok so im doing be a pro

    played about 7 games to date

    and it says at the bottom my club level is first team

    but whenever i get into a game im still in the reserves (captain)


    ive always started a match at club level ....
    really dont know about that.
    im captain at international too

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    :Sive always started a match at club level ....really dont know about … :Sive always started a match at club level ....really dont know about captain at international too


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    how long have u played?

    well im on PC, and im in the second season (2010/11)
    playing fifa on all types of mode for about 2 weeks i think it is.
    taking a break now though!

    I still hate the defensive way of this game. Think its to complicated. Might well be not good enough to play it.

    I wanna try play as a defender for a season, atm im striker, but defence looks quite hard, ill give it a try soon though..
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