Fifa 10 League - 360

    Anybody want to get involved with a HUKD Fifa 10 League on the 360?
    League info:

    Name: HUKD League
    Password: ilovedeals


    Liverpool (me)
    Barcelona (hornblowerracing)
    Manchester United (jojothefirst)
    Inter Milan (paul_doh)
    Real Madrid (mitchwales)
    Chelsea (TheMafia)
    Newcastle (dandoc2)
    AC Milan (JunkenStein73)
    Arsenal (chrisharry12345)


    Does it matter if we are awful? lol

    And when do you plan to play?

    Original Poster

    Skill level doesn't matter at all.

    Will sort out a suitable time to play, but I imagine it'll be pretty flexible.

    Cool, count me in then.

    Can we take foreign teams or Premiership only?

    I'd have Northampton Town, but it'd be pointless! lol

    I'll take Barcelona if we can, if not I'll take Chelsea.

    PM if you need anymore info ie. gamertag etc.


    Original Poster

    Added you to list in first post. Will check about foreign teams - think it'll be alright though!

    Original Poster

    League created:

    Name: HUKD League
    Password: ilovedeals

    Feel free to join - only 10 spaces!

    Anybody fancy setting it up for Fifa09 i'd be interested, just got it the other day!!

    Original Poster

    PES league here for anyone interested: ]http//ww…-xb

    im up 4 it
    Will take man utd if thats ok. Can start playing from thursday evening.

    Original Poster

    Sure thing, just go ahead and join the league asap to get your team. Thanks!

    All signed up and ready to get hammered. lol

    Hi, I will join tomorrow if that is OK, I will take Inter Milan please.


    Original Poster

    Have added you to the list paul. Thanks.

    I'll take Real Madrid? lol

    Original Poster

    Added to list.

    Original Poster

    Please don't forget to join asap if you have asked for a team. You have to join, I can't add you!

    me and jojo have joined

    Original Poster


    Original Poster

    paul_doh, you still planning to join?

    Anyone else?

    I'll be Chelsea if they are available - won't be able to sign up until Monday though as I am away on business :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Have added you to the first post.

    Original Poster


    Newcastle - dandoc2

    i'll join, ac milan - JunkenStein73

    Original Poster

    Have added you both to the list. Anyone else?

    Original Poster

    OK, could those of you who have expressed an interest please join the league. Details are in the OP.

    Still a few spaces for anyone else who might be interested too!

    im in as arsenal.. says there is only 5 in the league!

    anyone want a game?

    Original Poster

    Added you to the list. Everyone else, please join the league if you put yourself down!

    Hi is this league still running
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