Fifa 10 (PS3 and Xbox 360) cheapest at Currys for £23.49 (Possible pricematch tip)

Theres been plenty of great deals for Fifa 2010 floating around hotukdeals. I thought I would take it upon myself to condense them into one nice little post.

£23.49 - Currys

Iv had a look on the Currys website and they say they will price match instore and online if you find the game cheaper elsewhere. They also offer an additional 10% of the difference. Therefore if you buy online you can say that amazon are selling it for £24.97. Currys are selling for £39.99 but that will be reduced to a sizzling £23.49. If you by instore you can do they same thing by saying Tesco, Asda and Morrisons have it at a similar price meaning you will be paying just £23.49 (match Tesco and Morrisons) or £23.67 (match Asda). I presume you will need some kind of proof such as a picture message of the price elsewhere. Apologies to anyone who has posted this price already I looked but didnt see it.

If you dont have a Currys nearby then these are your options -

Tesco - £24.97
Asda - £26.71
Morrisons £24.99

PC world also do a price match but will only match Asda price so it will work out slightly more than Currys deal.

Hopefully this will help a few poor souls destined to spend the next few week tightly glued to their tv......


Yep, I did this on my lunch break earlier. £23.49's a good price for this.

:thinking: well at least you didn't post it as a deal :whistling: MAYBE it can stay on this ONE THREAD now :roll:

i'd change your avvy pic too: ;-)

Worked for me this afternoon - thanks

got mine from currys. Couldnt remember the asda price so i said £25.47 and that's how much they gave me the game for.
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