Fifa 10 Ultimte Team - Xbox 360 ONLY

Whats your team etc etc


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Rangers badge
Rangers Home kit
Rangers Away Kit

Brazil side -

Manager - M.Jol - no Brazilian managers in the game?!

formation 4-4-2

GK Helton 81

RB Raffinha
CB Naldo
CB Lucio
LB Maxwell

LM Bastos
CM Anderson
CM Irany
RM Marcelo

ST Nilmar
ST Fabiano

Bench -

CB David Luiz
RW Taddei
CM Denilson
CB Juan
RW Devid
RM Juissie

sorry but whats the difference with this and Fifa 10?

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sorry but whats the difference with this and Fifa 10?

its like an add on

card collecting kinda

you build your team as you like it

chemistry etc is all important. you get a free trial on xbox n ps3

that brazil team must have decent chemistry.


I seen the new tab after a update but never looked into it

Can you just play againist other ultimate teams or is it used in ranked matches againist people who don't have ultimate?

I think you just challenge other Ultimate teams in tournys etc. Ruddy good fun.

I would post my team here but it's 90% Bronze players at the mo.... addictive tho

Its a stupid money making fiasco.
It basically forces you to buy packs with MS points.
You have to play the game for a whole day just to get enough points to buy a gold premium pack and you never get good players.
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