fifa 11 demo

    anyone know when the ps3 demo of fifa 11 is out cheers



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    cheers mate

    Should be awesome, you can be the goalkeeper in the arena.

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    nice one hope the store updates early gonna take ages to download

    But will it be free, or will you have to have the ps3 plus thing.

    It will be free. PES '11 demo is out as well for free tomorrow.

    demo is out now on the usa psn store


    demo is out now on the usa psn store

    Cheers mate, downloading now


    Cheers mate, downloading now

    No problem, let me know your impressions as i cant download yet

    I think i'm going to give this years version a miss. There always seems to be just a small update between each year.
    Will just stick with FIFA 10 for now.

    This is meant to be quite different. I'm gonna get the demo when it comes out to UK store at 5pm. No harm is there

    pes 2011 demo and enslaved demo are also coming out on UK Store, as well as loads of move demos.

    Look like a great update today


    I haven't played PES in a couple of years but tried the demo and it wasn't bad but looking forward to trying the fifa demo

    PES demo is on playstation plus in the store

    PES in not plus anymore, but go there to download it now. Fifa 11 is on to download too, just takes a bit of finding.
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