Fifa 11 FFS

    Last 4 ranked games Ive played opponents have all quit because they getting beat how the hell am I meant to rank up lol.

    Was never this bad on Fifa 10



    u just got pooed on by ipswich aswell hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Bet Arsene Wenger wishes he could have quit tonight as well X)

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    lol bad times for arsenal

    walked past will hill today 10 quid on ipswich 1-0 got back £130 lol
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    I thought the game automatically awarded you a 3-0 win if they quit after 5 mins in-game?

    And if it is anything like FIFA10, it must be horrific. And full of lucky Germans.
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    yeah got the win on stats but at the end of a ranked game u get points which put you up levels...not getting that with quitters

    Don't worry I had that all the time. Idiots running down the wings with 5 start teams (mainly RM and Ronaldo) trying to cut inside and shoot. Then don't understand why they aren't winning, so they quit to avoid embarassment. On both 09 and 10, 0% quit percent I had. ^,^

    Meanwhile, all the German players get lucky when the ball bounces around your box before landing at their feet with an open goal. ****.
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    Argh, i should of put money on ipswich lol but obv thinkin gunners would bang them, i hope the second leg goes better!

    But yeah, have any of you got ultimate team? i seriously have no idea how people get these top notch players! does my head in, i still play but as soon as they see 5 stars against 4 and half they end up leaving!

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    i played against a guy earlier who picked Barnet so I thought hmm he probs quite good, smashed him 4-1 and he quit ffs lol
    Finally just played a full game...opponent scored equaliser in 90th min /cry....but I scored 2 goals within first 5 mins of extra time haha!

    im playing my mate now, take out my anger of arsenal playing sh*t out on him lol!

    i'm not sure with Fifa 11, but I have Fifa 10 and people quitting really annoyed me, I found it was better if you did custom ranked game and then you can specifiy the DNF% - although you still get the odd quitter, this had better results for me - try it if you can (unless you do already, then I have no more advice lol)
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