Fifa 11 Supermarket Price Thread

    Here are the latest prices/rumours on a price war for Fifa 11!

    Morrisons doing it for £27.99 apparently, few people have rang them and they confirmed it. Previously rumoured you may get another chart game cheaper.

    Some are saying that it will be 24.99, most likely will price match the other supermarkets.

    Again some people are saying 24.99 but there is no evidence and and Tesco will certainly price match.

    Heard shouts of 34.99, most likely to drop if other supermarkets do.

    Feel free to post your own updates and information and I will also update accordingly.

    We should have 100% more or less information on Thursday so just keep up to date with the thread!


    I think I will go to Blockbuster, last year they offered double on trade-in, so I might get rid of a few games and go at midnight. I will see what prices are like on Thursday.

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    another thought I imagine HMV may offer it cheap if you trade in select games, they do it for most releases.

    Morrisons are only selling it for £28 if you buy another chart game


    Thread in existence here.

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