Fifa 11 trade in prices?

    I've stupidly ended up with 2 copies of FIFA 11 & need to trade one in. Last week Game were offering £33 but now its gone down to £20. So does anyone know where the best trade in price is now?


    £32 at Cex

    Sealed or not?

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    Sealed or not?


    sell it on ebay, probs get about 35 or summet . . .

    CEX will only give you £30 cash for it.

    Maybe try and trade it in the fs/ft section?

    Gamestation might price match CEX, then when a new game comes out just add a little bit on top for it


    sell it on ebay, probs get about 35 or summet . . .

    After fees, recorded postage and more fees op will prob end up with 27/28

    I wouldn't sell on here.... I tried and everyone was trying to get it for a lot less than what you'd get for it in CEX so thats the best option IMO.....

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    Thanks, I'll try CEX.

    If it's sealed why not take it to game and say its an unwanted bday present and ask for store credit or an exchange. cheeky i no but its worth a try.

    grainger games offer 32 pound cash as i have just traded mine in.
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