FIFA 11 v PES 2011 What do you think of the demos this year?

    Ive played them both non stop and think Fifa is by far and away the best this year again. Have to say though, Pro Evo has improved a lot this time going by the demo.

    Whos played em? What do you think?


    Fifa 11, not much change but the changes made has made it even better. Harder to score what i like.

    PES 2011. It gave me a headache, felt like i was kicking a cannon ball around the pitch.

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    The lush new graphics on Fifa are refreshing, Control the keeper, Great.

    The game play seems to be slower and probably more realistic, Very easy to foul, so sometimes a bit too stop and start.

    I'm sure I'll get used to it, Feels different.

    More challenging and I will buy..!!!

    As for PES 11

    Haven't bothered, Previous 3 PES have been very poor I doubt that'll change any time soon.

    Last Fifa i got was 09, i normally skip the next installment which i did (Fifa 10) so will be getting this, mainly for the Be the Goalkeeper feature.

    I rented PES 2010 to see what it was like and it didnt compare, i think PES has gotten worse, i used to prefer it over Fifa a few years ago.

    FIFA all day, every day.


    Fifa is alot better than pes i think

    fifa has better graphics and better ball and player controll

    fifa has my vote
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