Fifa 11 wii

    Hello, my friend has just put some fifa 11s on ebay, they are cheaper than every other seller including play shopto etc.

    Am i allowed to post the deal?


    No .

    Original Poster

    ok thanks i shall expire thread now

    You have been a member for long enough to know that self promotion is prohibited

    Original Poster

    hey jonny, it wouldnt be self promotion

    mod please expire


    hey jonny, it wouldnt be self promotion mod please expire

    Use the report button mate

    And for all intents and purposes as his your friend its classed as the same thing, and no ebay deals apart from deals of the day are permitted
    Edited by: "jonny619447" 13th Mar 2011

    Original Poster

    cheers jonny


    cheers jonny

    No worries mate


    You need to write a false story on the ebay ad. saying how the kids broke the tv with the wii controller and the parents are selling their toys and games to pay for the damage.....then post here to highlight how mean the parents are for selling the kids games
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