Fifa 12 Ultimate Team (Xbox 360)

    Fifa 12 is a ghost town these days and I know it seems mad that I still play it but anyway... If anybody wants to play against me on it then let me know please... I enjoy the Fifa 12 gameplay alot more than any other Fifa game so I mainly only play 12... but it's got to the point now where you have to message somebody on Xbox asking for a game because searching for a match is pointless.


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    P.s. I also trade players on it and I've got loads to trade/sell and plenty of coins to buy good silver/gold players that anybody has

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    P.p.s If you think there is a chance that you have some good players/coins that you don't use any more on FUT12 then could you please have a look on your profile/Account to see what you have on it? Any cards/coins would be much appreciated Thanks
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