Fifa 15 expectations and what you knoiw already

    Hey, and yes, I'm one of the sad lot who get overly excited by this game,.......EVERY YEAR.

    Just wondered if anyone knows of the improvements / changes they are implementing this year?


    If you buy the ultimate edition you can have Messi on loan for 5 games

    *working LED hoardings
    * hair physics
    *grass and mud stains on player kits

    ... well i am sold on an improved gaming experience.... here take my £60 EA you do a sterling job!

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    Agility & Control and Correct Contacts

    Leave defenders in the dust or control the ball like the world’s best footballers. Players explode into action with improved balance, cuts and closer touches when in possession, giving greater responsiveness and personality to the game’s superstars. Experience brilliant control as you keep the ball in a sprint or when searching for an opening in those close-touch situations.

    Authentic Player Visuals

    The Next Generation football player is here. Player faces have an incredible level of detail, while character models look and feel powerful and athletic. Kits move realistically and change with the environment, becoming dirty with mud and grass as the match unfolds.

    Dynamic Match Presentation

    Match Day feels dynamic and immersive. Improved commentary will highlight unique fan reactions, with chants and behavior changing on location. New bench reactions, 10-man goal celebrations and more will keep you engaged in the story of the match.

    Emotional Intelligence

    With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to pivotal moments on the pitch – bad tackles, missed chances, epic goals - as they would in real life.

    Living Pitch

    Stadiums are alive and full of the emotion that only football can create. Playing surfaces wear down as the match progresses, with boot marks, slide tackles, and debris visible on the pitch. Corner flags move, goal frames shake, and animated LED ad boards bring FIFA 15 to life.

    Man-to-Man Battles

    Dispossessing your opponent is more rewarding than ever! Intercept and keep the ball with Possession Tackles and new shoulder barges. Feel the impact with big fall physics; shirt pulling will also be visible with enhanced cloth technology. FIFA 15 fundamentally changes the way you compete for the ball.

    Team Tactics

    Your AI teammates and opponents now recognize what’s happening in the match and will adjust their tactics just like real players. Park the Bus, In The Mixer, and Time Wasting are some of the Team Tactics you’ll come up against in FIFA 15.

    Looking forward to the updated PC version with the Ignite engine!


    I expect it to be the same dross as last year.......... and the year before.......... and the year before that.

    But am i going to buy it? Mostly definitely Yes lol

    If you score a last minute goal to secure the win, your player will piled on by all your teamates

    ermm? more of the same!!! and some more money from you!!!

    have a question about fifa ultimate team for those people who spend money on buying the card packs what happens to all the cards you buy with your money? do you sell them and make the money back or make a huge loss as no one is interested in buying them?

    Expecting PES 15.

    More of the same recycled garbage with a few minor adjustments. Save your money and buy it second hand from CEX the following year for a fraction of the price.

    To not support them buy it pre-owned.
    I'm looking forward to pes 15.

    This is sounding great so far…21/
    The good news is konami have tried and failed to live up to expectations.

    Now they have given the UK based company a go at developing parts of it to appeal to the European audience. For the first time i think this is going to be very good. Pes 2013 was pretty good mind.
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    PES used to be incredible. Unfortunately it feels like it has gone backwards. I moved across to FIFA and FIFA 14 on PS4 is a massive step up with the ignite engine. Looking forward to FIFA 15 and FUT!

    It's all about FUT.

    Why do people get upset at hair physics, or grass and mudd stains being added, thats what I want, I want all those little details in the game, especially for next gen, I want the game to be as realistic as possible, visually.

    But gameplay wise fun is first and foremost, I did not buy FIFA 14 so don't know about the problems but I also hope they would improve on that if there any.

    Is FIFA still as responsive as shouting at a player and telling him what he should do from the terraces?

    If it is then they should fix that.

    Also, offsides when your player is a millimetre offside.... Not realistic. Make some mistakes! I pressed pass 3 seconds ago!!!

    grass stain and hair physics etc won't mean anything if the basics aren't done right. things like offside camera on FIFA has been useless for as long as I can remember.

    Might get the ultimate edition. Its the only time im going to have a player as good as Messi in my FUT team.
    Last time they had free daily gifts on the web app. Does anyone know if they are doing the same this year?

    Does anyone know if team play will be back this year?

    Used to play fifa 13 with all my mates online, 14 took it out for some weird reason.

    Original Poster

    Would love to see the old scouting system back/ not masked attributes again

    How about servers that don't kick you out when you want to play on a Friday evening...


    Does anyone know if team play will be back this year?Used to play fifa 13 … Does anyone know if team play will be back this year?Used to play fifa 13 with all my mates online, 14 took it out for some weird reason.

    Does anyone know if 15 has team play back this year?
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