Fifa 17 code thread closed due to bundled copies?

Found 25th Sep 2016
Hi I would like a mod to look into this please. I am trying to sell some Fifa 17 codes and I have given all the information asked of me but I am told they cannot be sold since they come with consoles? As far as I am aware the last few days loads of Fifa 17s have been sold all from Xbox one S bundles without problem. Why are mine being rejected due to this reasoning. I understand I can only sell 2 batches but that isn't the problem.
Here is the for sale/trade link
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Physical copies bundled with consoles can be sold but no ecodes.

Please use hotukdeals.com/con…act to talk to our Admin. Thread closed.

Update: Admin confirms Fifa 17 codes from these console bundle deals can be sold.

Thanks for your patience while this was resolved.
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