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Found 29th Sep 2016
so with the release of Fifa today, I'd like to get a club up and running if possible! I'm not too shabby when it comes to Pro Clubs but I'm not amazing so I'm just looking for some people that want to have fun but want to win too!

if anyone is interested please message me or add me on PSN: theRoffmeister
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I'm interested. Don't get the game till 2 mind.
I'm interested should have the game today hopefully
Never played pro clubs tho normally play ultimate team
okay guys that's excellent if you can get me added I'll be on today from 7ish
need some name ideas too!
Hehe, the HUKDeal Hunters.X)
Trusting Amazon to deliver mine today, PSN is: papalaz. Also playing PES, F1, Driveclub Bikes and Battlefront at the moment!
awesome stuff!

Hot UK United???
hey guys I would like to get in on this however I won't be able to play most days as I will be to and from with my own club with family and friends but I will join if you guys ever need me.

hit me up on psn VGJordan93, I'll try get another lad from here to play with us you might remember him from the fifa king thread a while back.
guys the club has been made, Zero Above FC (because obviously we are going to smash it)
let me know when we want to be playing!
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