FIFA 19 Survival Mode

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It's in no way associated with Battle Royale in any way, they promise

"That battle royale thing kicked off long after we came up with this idea, but it's funny people are associating it [Survival Mode] with battle royale,"

Basically the upcoming Survival Mode which launches with FIFA 19 on September 25th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will see a player sent off from your team every time you score a goal, with the idea to make winning the game harder. Players will be sent off until you have 7 players left on the pitch, obviously making 5 goals a win.

FIFA 19 Creative Director Matt Prior has told Eurogamer - "If you look back to FIFA Street in 2012 we had a survival mode in that - a little bit different, but a similar kind of concept. It is something we've thought of bringing to the main game for a while. People are generally loving it,"

So yeah, nothing to do with the surge of popularity for Battle Royale based games. EA came up with it ages ago and have now decided the time is right

I guess it could have been worse...


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Me and my mates used to do silly things like this in tournaments together. E.g you sub your goal scorer off or you have to score an own goal for every yellow card you got. It made the game interesting.
If they are doing gimmicks then I think they should bring back something like the "Predator Kick" from Adidas Power Soccer, where the shot was so powerful it would send the keeper flying into the back of the net.
Anything that increases the game modes in Fifa is a win for me.
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