Fifa 2008 PS3

    Quite like the look of this, not bought a Fifa game since Fifa 98 because of ISS/Pro Evo...

    Anyone know where the best price is?

    Don't really want to buy off ebay as I recently got conned of there by a powerseller so an online retailer would be best! or a good instore price would be even better (Im in Bham!)



    have you downloaded the demo yet on the ps store?

    I'd wait for pro ev.

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    Yeah I have.

    No, I don't really like it, but I really want next gen football and its playable, I'll just trade it in when PES comes out...

    Lol, PES is out in about 2 weeks

    Original Poster

    more like a month..

    Arsenal Fan

    Lol, PES is out in about 2 weeks

    26th Oct I think

    The game is much better than the demo. I got it for £34.99 online delivered from Play with a code off here

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    cool, any other good deals?
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