FIFA or PES this year?

    Which one will you get? I'm hoping PES gets better reviews to be honest! Used to love that game.



    fifa easily!
    pes has now lost heavily 3 years in a row
    time for pes to admit defeat and give up trying to be a serious football game! go back to what its known best for arcade play
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    fifa. every year they manage to improve the once thought unimprovable.

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    Unfortunately for PES it just keeps sliding further down in terms of quality. I was once an avid PES fan, with FIFA 10 being the first FIFA game that I'd bought in over a decade. The reason why I bought FIFA 10 is simply because it was better than PES 10. And on playing the respective demos this year, the gap appears to have widened. It will be FIFA again for me this year.

    Pes 2011 all day long

    Is this even a serious question these day's?

    Fifa 11 is just going to be amazing.

    PES just seems to get worst every year.

    Pes was good on the ps2 but now its no longer the amazing game it used to be

    Chalk another one up for the EA Juggernaut..........has to be FIFA 11

    Will pick PES up eventually as poor sales will see it slump in price quickly.
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