Fifa PS3 "Lost Connection to the EA servers" Problem

    Every time I play Fifa 09 online, ranked, friend etc I lose connection to the EA server. It is literally every single game. Winning or losing it happens any time of the day any day.

    Apparently, people playing the 2011 version are having the same problem.

    Is there anyone having any similar problems or have any solutions?


    Get what ya pay for.....:)



    either EA servers or the game is far to old.

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    I "googled" it and like I said people playing 2011 version are having the same problem. Weird! Anyone having the same problem?

    I have the exact same problem with fifa 11. I cant believe that ea think they can charge for online play when the online this time is pathetic


    Had the same issue last night my DNF went from 0% to 5% in a night. Its a joke I have to pay for a service thats so poor

    My DNF is gone through the roof the last few days!!!!!! sort it out EA!


    The EA servers are cack, they seem to have the biggest problems out of all my games.

    Im seriously considering boy cotting Fifa. Im a huge fan of Ultimate Team and am gutted that the game play recently (last couple months, and even before the hack) makes playing online nye on impossible.

    If they're willing to sell me the game for £40 odd then i expect an all round final product, an online connection that works perfectly. i know its free but that makes no difference what so ever, does that mean that i cant enjoy the game that i've just payed alot of money for? when online gaming is a service they supposedly provide?

    its a joke and i think my money will be spent elsewhere in future... a full tank of petrol and go for a drive instead of playing the next installment of this crappy venture which is no doubtedly going to be the same... if not worse.

    Goodbye EA, you've pi**ed alot of people off.
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