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Found 7th Feb 2011
can anyone give me tips on making coins?

keep playing games n getting spanked cos my teams crap n everyone is is super teams

even silver players are costly

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Sell a few gold players, buy more gold packs rinse and repeat.

silver players are costly? LOL!
Btw don't do what the above person has said...

sell your whole team and use all your coins to buy and sell players. Simply buy them for low prices on auction, and sell them on buy it now for more.

I was doing this with hleb on ps3 for a few days (amongst a few other players) when i first got ultimate team - buying him for 700, selling on buyitnow for 1500 and my team is now worth 150kish

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yea gentle, have you seen prices of people like charlie adam ? i seen him go for 25000, charlie bleeding adam lol

play in the tournaments, were you have to have 2 star teams!!

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cheers kev

Use the 59th minute trick. Search for players with a buy it now price which you can afford then go to the 59th minute and hope someone lists a bargain, then buy it and sell for more.
Alternatively buy some packs with money.

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i got 26k for a david healy lol!

ive done amzingly well with the money im flying now

anyone got any cheap deals

doin my head in trying to get coins in this now.
Ive a few decent players like, but no one like Gerrard or Messi, worth hundreds of thousands
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