Fifa UT Account Reset - Will I get anything back ?

Found 14th Oct 2014
Had my UT account reset - admittedly I did break the rules and bought 2 x 100k coins from ebay and I got a warning for that.

However after the warning I played by the rules and did nothing wrong. I was lucky enough to get Di Maria in a pack so was using those coins to trade on the market. Got in yesterday and my account has been reset (i.e. new team name and basic bronze / gold team)

Waiting for a reply from EA. Has this happened to anyone else ? and did you get anything back ?
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I've never had this done but I know they made a big thing on clamping down on it this year. I think they can also ban you
I also admittedly bought a 100,000 coin pack which screwed up and my.player I bought with the coins.is stuck in the transfer market
And ea are trying to resolve this issue
Not had a response from email or webmail.

I hadn't played since Fifa 12 so wasn't aware of the rule changes - so I got a warning (fair enough I broke the rules) but honestly hadn't done it since.
Maybe the 2 lots you got off eBay flagged in their system twice?
Maybe although they where both before the warning so really should be coupled together. At this rate Fifa 16 will be out before I get a response from EA / Origin or whoever is in charge

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That sucks, known other players who have moved millions of coins from one account to another and not had a ban, not too sure how EA are picking each account to be identified. Best thing to do it go to EA website and request a call back, I done that when I forgot my origin details and they called me within minutes.
Twitter is annoying - you ask them a question and then get bombarded with scammers trying to get you to click on their links

Dont get me started on twitter haha.... im a fool who clicked that link lol lucky i only just started and had 5000 worth of coins and they stole the lot :-( i went on the online chat with EA sports and have been waiting 3 weeks for a reply but every 3 days i go back to them and they give me a gold pack free each time. Its sooo additive ive spent £66 on the fifa points haha

for me doesnt look like they are doing enough and maybe warning teh wrong people..... buying coins to help yourself have a better gaming experiance. to me isnt that bad. what about about the people that try and con you into buying a player for thousands over the value price... what about all the scammer in twitter!?!!? like some mentioned swapping millions across accounts?!?!?! they need to up there game!!
Got an email saying I broke the rules for a 2nd time and my UT has been deleted costing me 500k of coins 300k of which had been gained legitimately.

I bought 2 x 100k before the 1st warning so not sure where I stand now. They have refunded my Fifa points (very kind of them)

Slim chance of getting a Di Maria again ffs
I feel your pain!!! they need to clamp down on the people actually ruining the game!
Oh well still no response but got my Fifa points back so used packs and got

IF Aub
IF Chiellini

So got 400k back so bought my Russian Team
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