FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 PS3/360

    Are none of the supermarkets going crazy and offering this for £25 like they did for FIFA 2010 and COD etc?

    I remember they have undercut each other a few times

    Seems odd no one cares about the World Cup edition


    yea, im suprised not much has been made of this. Played it at the gaget show live the other week and it looks good to me. and wales are actually on this 1 lol.

    its not that big a game compared to the yearly fifa. shame though because it looks better than fifa 10. I got too addicted to ultimate team so I'm now selling up on fifa 10 and buying the wc game, £34.77 from coolshop with 5% quidco.

    They should, im only buying it for £25 as its not really a full fifa game while i am satisfied with BC2, Gears, Fifa Clubs ATM

    it will be a tenner after world cup lool

    hi im new here , i also wanted to know , when do you guys think we will be able to know about the prices ?
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