Tekken 5 DR ONLINE is now available from the US ps3 site! ($9.99 if you have allreasy bought DR)

    Havat ye teenage americans ! (Im currently world rank 665, but I imagine Ill be 100,000,005 by the time I get home from work!)

    Works really well, been waiting a long time for Tekken online !!

    Any tekken fans who fancy a fight, leve your PSN names in this thread !

    Let the Battle Commence !!!!

    :w00t: :viking:


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    Woot, no Tekken fans in the house ? For shame..

    how do u pay on the american psn store? does it convert automatically?

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    You use a Mastercard, and it converts automatcaly. Takes a bit of messing about to register. I think you use your uk address (so it matches your credit card), but put in a us zipp code. I believe that the checks on VISA are more riggerous, which is why you have to use a Mastercard.

    Worth setting up a US account, they have different stuff on their site. Like WARHAWK which is coooool !

    i ordered warhawk on the uk one but my other account is a us one to download demos as they get them before us.

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    Is it out on the UK site now?

    it was out yesterday for 19.99. thats how i ordered it.

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    When u say ordered.. you mean downloaded ? or are you getting the blu-ray version?

    downloaded. i cant wait until 14th of september the game would be old by then.
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