Fight Night Round 4 PS3

    Does anyone know if they are making a Fight Round 4 for the PS3 or if there are any other boxing games coming out?

    I hope they are and I hope they improve it by adding:

    Refs in the ring,
    Letting you have more control over picking fights, so you dont have to fight someone ranked slightly above you.
    Having more than one belt in each division,
    Letting you fight diffierent weights to become multiple weight champion,
    Having your fighter in different organizations rankings so you can try to become undisputed champ
    Better custom shorts designer
    Better training
    More Arenas
    A bit more of an entourage when your fighter comes to the ring rather than on his own!
    A crowd of people in the ring just before the fight kick off

    I bet if they do bring out a new game it will just be a cash cow with virtually the same game with a few new names and slightly different menus.


    There is Facebreaker but I don't like it.

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    I just checked Facebreaker out looks a bit kidish to me I rather boxing sims; that game looks more like Streetfighter.
    I bet you get massive power ups and jump through the air and all that malarky!

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    Tyson was bad a55 till he got decked by Danny (I like cakes) Williams!

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    Lennox Lewis, who famously knocked out Tyson in a clash in 2002, revealed he was looking forward to pulverising the virtual version, musing: "I should challenge him using myself in the game and him using himself in the game and see who wins.
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