Fight night round 4 xbox 360-any good?

    Hi im thinking about getting this game but people tell me the one before was better.what do you guys think?




    i'm loving it just retired my fighter as the greatest of all time

    If you love boxing, you will love this game. If not, then pass.

    guna get it soon. its different, but better imo. Most ppl who say its crap are the ones who are button mashers.

    The game is much more realistic (well as realistic as you can get). The replays are cool and kos are good too. Nothing like FN round 3, changed all the bad points.

    I prefer round 3 for 2 big reasons. One is the fact there isn't even an option to change the config so you have to use the sticks which are useless. Online is still full of button mashers if anything its worse.

    And secondly it doesn't work if my computer which I share media with is switched on , the game freezes on start up, which is a total joke.

    Until these 2 problems are patched then I won't be going back to it.

    If you got live, Theres a demo on there, check that out.
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