Filament for Prusa i3 3D Printer?

    Can anyone recommend any filament to get started with. About to buy my first 3D printer and wanted to know if anyone can recommend a supplier and type to just get me started?



    This is something I won't mind knowing , I'm having a few problems at the moment , with my 3d printer but I think it's the filament:(

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    Hopefully someone can help us. What problems do you have and which 3d printer do you have?

    To copy and paste my reply from about 2 weeks ago on pretty much the same question.

    I've been out of the game for a while now, but your best asking on specific forums.
    Cheap filament tends to have more variance in width as well as having more chance of not being circular which means the prints are less accurate.
    You also have issues with moisture seeping into them which needs to be dried out first.

    Last time I bought filament it was from Faberdashery, it's not cheap, but it's about the best quality you can get, is UK based and they have lots of colours.

    I've been using this one from Amazon Pla 1.75mm I've had great Prints come out with mine.

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    The filament comes out nice and strong

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    Thats really good thanks. will check it out and see how it goes. Which printer do you have please
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