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    I'm looking for somewhere I can upload files and download them for free?

    I hope to put up zip folders that are around 50MB. This is a lot bigger than some sites I've looked at allow and the others require activity at least once every 30 days.

    I don't plan on building a fancy website or anything. Just want somewhere I can upload and download large files with reasonable bandwidth and minimum maintenance, hopefully for free.

    Any ideas?


    [url][/url] is a start.

    Original Poster

    Yeah, I looked there but unfortunately they delete the link after 21 days if no one has downloaded it ( looks promising if anyone else needed this)

    Thanks anyway!

    I can't find anywhere that doesn't delete after a number days if unused.…php

    If you download and upload yourself, would that keep it active for as long as you want?

    If you have a machine that you can keep the files on, have a look at:

    1) Hamachi
    Creates a Virtual Private Network, so you can access the machine from anywhere as though you were part of the network. Only useful if you have a machine you can install stuff on.

    2) Foldershare
    Syncronise folders between machines, and, crucially, access any file on a machine you have installed this on from anywhere via the web.

    3) LogMeIn
    Not quite file sharing, but allows you to use your machine as though you were sat at it. If you don't have to transfer the files to work on them begin with, problem solved.
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