File sharing between Vista and XP machines

    Hiya, was wondering if anyone can help me. I have set up my new vista machine today and all is well, apart from one thing I can't seem to sort out. I have an xp laptop that connects via a wireless adapter, I can still connect to the internet on it fine, but I just can't seem to sort out file sharing. I have loads of files I want to move from the laptop to the new pc. I'm really new to vista so maybe I'm just missing a setting somewhere?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Can't you just use a USB drive? It would save all the hassle at least.

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    I don't have a usb drive, and we use file sharing a lot so would prefer to set it up properly if I can

    I use a device called Tornado to do this.…asp QVC sometimes have them, but noticed some on eBay.

    There is some help here regarding file sharing between XP and Vista…321

    Try here…825
    Unfortunately it's not as straightforward as you'd have hoped.

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    Try here…825
    Unfortunately it's not as straightforward as you'd have hoped.

    Gawd, I've had a look at that site and you're right, its not straight forward lol. will have to have a go at this, altho I'm scared I might break my shiny new pc

    some of that link may be overkill, i certinaly dont do any of that for my g/f xp laptop to my vista pc's (2). have you gone in to NEtwork & Sharing Center and set the location to Private network? Also then check the setting in the lower part of that pane - they describe the filesharing status and so on...

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    You could be right, I just did the first part, changed the workgroup name on the vista machine to match the laptop name and now i can see the laptop from the pc, but I still can't see the pc from the laptop.

    there is a Settings and documents transfer utility built in to vista, just use that its on the welcome screen/menu

    make sure the file sharign is enabled and you have a shared folder with the things you wanna swap over to the pc

    I have a Vista PC and a XP PC connected to the same router and I can share folders.

    Things I usually check:

    Make sure both machines have the same workgroup name.

    Make sure there is a shared folder on both machines.

    Make sure the firewall on both machines is set to allow the other machine in (or turn the firewall off for a short while to check it is not the firewall that is the problem)

    Try to ping the other machine using the hostname and ip address to make sure a ping can get through (that at least proves they can "see" each other):

    ping otherpc (or whatever host name you used)

    ping (or whatever ip address they are)

    Make sure you get a "reply" from both PCs.

    Make sure you have a userid and password on both PCs (not sure if this is required but it may help).

    I then go into Network Connections on XP, then select My Network Places, then View Workgroup Computers.

    Both computers (XP and Vista) should then appear in the folder window.

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    Hi guys, thanks for your help

    Changing the workgroup name seemed to sort things, in a way. lol. I can access the shared folders on the laptop now, and can access the public folders on the pc from the laptop, altho I'd like to share other folders on the pc so I can access them from the laptop, but that isn't working. But I'll settle for it how it is

    Thanks again, rep all round

    On your vista machine you need to set the permissions on the hard drive or directory you wish to share, else it won't matter if you share it or not it will not allow access.

    The quick and dirty method is to open explorer, right click on the hard drive then click on the security tab. Click on edit then click on add, type everyone then click on ok. once added allow everyone complete access to your hard disk, then you can implement file sharing.

    Once you have finished delete the everyone account else anyone with access to your network will be able to access your files.

    Also make sure your firewall on each machine allows your network to have full access to your pc.

    For sharing between computers i'd recommend dropbox it only has a 2GB limit but very easy to use and you can also share folders with other people. ]http//ww…com
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