File table backup mismatch

    Realise this probably isn't the place to ask but....

    long story in a nut shell a thoroughly checked ext HDD had some backups on it. I tried to restore a back up and was denied. Reason: backup was corrupt. Also for a short while jpeg etc were viewable and then XP could not preview then. Could not drag them into Photoshop as "File Could not be found" came up. Trying other files came up with "Corrupt".

    So I took the drive off that PC and put it on another that had some useful soft on it. But here..the drive is accessible. I have checkdisked it. Error checked it in Partition Magic and the only error that came up was in the title...three such errors on Drive F: . I ran checkdisk with the F switch (to fix) and rebooted. (Link about this at bottom) And now even that error has gone.

    But of course I'm not the type to think "great" but the kind to think.."well whats happening".

    Does it sound like a prob with my first computer rather than the drive?

    Also the file backup mismatch thing was actually on E: (whilst the files "corrupted" on the other PC were on F:) will this have affected any files on E: ? Its quite important as it contains DL soft.

    Many thanks if you can help. Will be back!…ent

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    For the record to help any1 else out, this preceeded a whole partition becoming corrupted and also the drive began to beep (no mention of this on the hdd web WESTERN DIGITAL WDH1U10000 My Book Essential Edition.)

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