File too big to burn on DVD

Found 25th Jan 2008

I recently attempted to convert the video files of my nephews birthday on to DVD. There was no problem in copying it to the PC, however the file size of the video is 4.8GB....Anyone know how I can burn this on a single DVD disc as I have only got the standard 4.7GB discs.

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You can either buy some dual layer dvd's doubling the available space, or you could compress the original file down so it will fit on a normal dvd.
Just use dvd shrink
your burner may be able to overburn the disc by little more but that depends on your burner and the disc as they never entirely fill a disk :thumbsup:
You say convert. What software did you use for the conversion? Is the original an AVI file?
if you go to [url][/url]

and download dvd shrink.

that will compress your file by however much percentage you wish.
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