Filippo Berio - Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Help im a Man!

    I went to buy some cooking oil to use for things like roasting potatoes etc.

    I am normally a total cheap stake and buy vegtable oil, however I bought some Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Now i read the label and it says ideal for salad dressings!

    Is this only for salad dressings or can i cook with it.

    Thanks for your Help....Im a man as you can tell!


    Being a man is no excuse,Google is your friend:-D

    You can cook with it but its got a comparitively low smoking temperature so not the best for roasting potatoes. Its also pretty strong tasting so will overpower things....

    I always cook with it. It's expensive but if you live near a home bargains they have bottles for 99p


    Yes you can use it for frying and sauces and other things, but usually other oils perform well. Olive has a great taste and is well refined, hence why they say use it for dressings in its cold state. If you had to go by what was on the bottle, you'd have 10+ Oils in your cupboard. Enjoy the flavour mate.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone. Im going to try it out on a roast dinner at the weekend.

    Dont use extra virgin olive oil for roasties its a waste, use duck fat its so much better tasting.
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