Fill Me In Nintedo Gameboy

I'm looking at gameboys but need a few questions answered

are the gameboy advance sp ones alright
can you get like a cartridge for them with loads of games on

anything else i should know cheers


Theres a trade off. The GBA SP has a nice size screen but its not too bright, the Micro has a brighter screen but overall it's useless if you've got hands bigger than a 5 year olds imho. As for carts, look on dealextreme. Eg :…734

ooops, though by title this was a different kind of thread :oops: thought that'd be an odd nickname for some one anyway, nintendo gameboy :roll:

If you can get a Gameboy Advance SP Gen 2 (back lit not front lit) it's definately the best gameboy avaialable as it plays all gameboy sceeens and has a nice bright screen.

The Gameboy Micro is brilliant and generally isn't too small to hold as long as you dont have giant hands, it's god a very crisp bright screen but it only plays gameboy advance games.

Both come with rechargeable battery packs built in
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