Filling in an N1 form against landlord - help?

    Decided to take the landlord to court after 3 months without repaying the deposit

    Three of us lived there, on a N1 claims form can we put down all three of us as claimants or do we have to submit three seperate claims?


    all the info is here…pdf

    I am reading though it can find details of suing or being sued as an individual, firm
    corporation etc but nothing about more than one person......Yet

    EDIT could not see anything about a "joint" claim so I can only
    presume you have to file individual claims op.............

    Hope you get this sorted mate, nothing worse than landlords stuffing you over

    Whoever paid the deposit claims
    if all 3 of you paid deposits, you all 3 claim
    Unless your on benefits, use moneyclaim online, its simple.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help, will update when anything happens
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