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    I've recently started a part-time film and video course that includes camera techniques, experimental approaches, narrative and abstract film, sound and image, storyboarding, editing, effects e.t.c. I'm learning due to personal interest and have no previous experience but the course is very unstructured and seems a waste of time. (Which is a shame as its now put me off spending any more on another course). Is there anywhere online I can do my own studying or reading up on the subject? I'm very much a proactive person so reckon I should just get out there and start making something. Any good websites that I can learn from?

    Any help much appreciated...


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    To give some kind of idea what I'm after, it could be basic advice like this:-

    I'm currently using these tutorials for special effects:-

    Any other recommendations?


    Plenty of actor's on here.

    Good luck :thumbsup:

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    Plenty of actor's on here.Good luck :thumbsup:

    I know a couple of actors and one already said 'I don't do student films'. What a wally! :-D

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    Perhaps not too many wannabe Spielberg's on this site?
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