Film Prevew tickets

    Sorry this is not a deal just that I was searching on ebay for vouchers and came across a seller poble41

    they are selling the preview tickets for The boat that rocked .... and the are selling them for
    Crawley ,

    So if you are having trouble getting tickets peole like this are the reason and I very much doubt they cancel the tickets if they don't get sold so they become available again

    Sorry this just really annoyed me !!


    should really be i misc

    as you say - so annoyed

    might be worth a few of us reporting item to ebay - dont know whether they will do anything

    cant see name on print out to report to see film first

    things like this spoil it for lots of people -wouldnt be surprised if they were a member on here

    Couldnt agree more , this seller seems to think these discount sites are here to make him/her a sideline income ,looking at what they have for sale and the feedback , I emailed sff this morning but wether they can do anything i dont know .

    Original Poster

    sorry to all those who have given this a neg
    I am aware it is in the wrong catergory but hoping to get the message to all those who do this how people feel about it !
    and most of them wouldn't have read it if it was in another category.

    hiya , i do think selling them on ebay is really cheeky, but i also get miffed when people put the codes up for free on here. See film first don't always send the notification emails out at the same time so by the time someone has put the code on here the tickets are all gone. So in effect why bother signing up to the site! .....Rant over lol
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