Films onto an SD card then able to watch them on iPad??

Found 14th Oct 2012
Looking for a bit of help.

I have some films on my computer which are saved as .avi film files.

I have the new iPad 32gb and I also have a 32gb Sandisk Extreme SD card.

I have the Apple Camera Connector kit.

Can I put movies on my SD card then into the connector then watch them on my iPad?

I tried putting a film onto the SD card and then just trying it in the iPad but it doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible??
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If jailbroken and running iFiles it used to be yes.
i thought ipad/ipod etc had trouble with avis?
tried using mp4s or other files?
tried moving the avi to ipad then playing?
No you can't do it, unless jailbroken as said above. No point doing it anyway, convert the film using handbrake and import it into iTunes, you can then sync it. No issue.
trying this so fingers crossed Link
I use air video and just watch them wirelessly from laptop on ipad
Or you can download AVplayerHD app and then transfer over wifi its easy
It's so that I can watch them on the plane and on holiday. Converting avi files to mp4 at the moment.
Use handbrake to convert the files to ipad format. Rename the films to look like camera files eg. DSC00001 (file name has to be 8 digits long). Copy them onto the SD card into a folder named DCIM. plug into your ipad and copy over the film/s you want to watch, delete when finish and repeat.

No Jailbreak required. Just a pain in the backside to rename the files and have to copy films onto your ipad in order to watch them (make sure you keep 1-2gb free to do this).
Just use something like Aceplayer to play the avi files natively - no need to mess around shifting formats. You will copy the movies onto the iPad and not use the SD card. Anything else is just too much faffing around.
Should of gone Android, Just drag and drop baby :-)
Install iSafe on iPad then in iTunes go to apps and then to iSafe then click 'add' and lcate all the films. They will be in iSafe's inbox already playable, no conversion necessary.
It's ok guys got it all on Sd card and u can just import the one u wanna watch at a time xx
Jailbreak make your videos mp4 ! put on sd or usb stick and play from them using ifile and usb mount from cydia!!!

this way take up no room on your ipad :-)
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