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Films wont play on new Toshiba tv via USB stick

Posted 10th Feb 2013
Hi please can one of the tech members help.

I've bought a new TV today for the bedroom (its a Toshiba 22BL702B)

It says on both the box and the instructions that it will play films via USB - but i just cant get the films to work when i put USB stick in, i keep getting the message "invalid file".
My friend has been to try and help but says it may be the TV that cant read various formats ........he has told me i need to buy a TV that supports "USB 2", as these will play any file.

Ive tried the same USB stick with the films on and put it into my Sony downstairs and the films come up straight away and just play.

Have i bought the wrong TV or is there something else i should try???.......in its simplest form i just wanted a TV that you could put a USB stick in and it would read the film straight away to watch. If this TV will not do it im going to take it back.

Thank You
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