Filter coffee from Pret with own cup only 49p. White or Black

Posted 10th Dec 2019
I've been paying around £3 for a daily coffee for years but was curious how much filter coffee was in Pret. To my surprise it's only 49p if you bring your own cup, white or black. Tastes really good too.


Guessing this is National too.

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    It's been this price for years. It's 99p with a 50p discount if you bring your own cup.
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    My go to coffee when out of the house/work

    If you're fortunate enough to order when the filter coffee has run out or is being changed then you occasionally get offered an americano instead 👌
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    Yes, not a deal, it's the regular price. You can get soya milk added at this price too. (edited)
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    As others have said it has been this price for a couple of years since they introduced the discount for bringing your own cup. Given the price difference I find it hard to get coffee from anywhere else, though Starbucks will let you get a free refill on their filter coffee which brings the price down per cup. I wish that a Caffè Nero would introduce a filter coffee as a lower priced alternative to their espresso based drinks. I always find it funny when I see someone ordering an Americano in Starbucks when they could get a filter coffee with a refill for a lot less.
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    Anonymous User
    Given my nearest Pret is about 30 miles from home, and 13 mile from work, I think I'll skip this.
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    49p is about what it`s worth