Final Ebay Advice thread

    ill start by putting what i put before

    She sent me a not as described console

    I escalated the case and won the case

    Ebay automatically refunded me when they saw i returned it

    The Seller is now saying i tampered with the console and sent the wrong adapter back and claiming that ebay told her to message me before they intervene on her behalf

    Is that even possible as i won my case and i sent the item back exactly as the way in was sent it from her. Plus over a week after ebay refunded me fully why didnt she say something when she first received it?

    Looks like shes trying to pull a fast one and take all my money as well as keeping her console

    This was about 1 week ago

    i replied stating that i had done nothing to the console and sent it back exactly how i recieved it

    she replied 3-4 days ago which i only saw yesterday stating that the item indeed wasnt what she sent me and she is contacting ebay and also now the police but she wouldnt if i sent the adapter back - which i allready did and im certainly not going to send her another one

    i was wondering what i should reply to this if anything

    Her behavour has been really threatening and intimidating recently

    its never her thats checked either it is always 'Her Boyfriend' I was wondering what i should do next

    Regards - James


    Contact E-Bay and get them to deal, or ignore it.

    The police won't be interested as it's a civil case.
    I wouldn't reply to her, but only to any official Ebay comms.
    She's probably just trying to scare you.
    At worst she might lodge a small claim against you, but then it's a case that she can't prove what she sent either.

    Tell her before you sent it back you photographed the items including serial numbers etc and security marked them, as you had heard that people do things like this, sounds like she's bluffing you so double bluff her

    Just ignore her messages, case closed

    If you sent it back same condition as received with all parts, then nothing to worry about. Just ignore her emails or explain that you wont be replying anymore.

    Send her a brick in the post, but don't pay all postage. She will then have to pay postage to collect it. from harassment....take her via small claims

    Personally I would ignore the messages and block communications (I'm sure ebay will have an option for his).
    They got caught out, shamed and now are looking for a quick buck by intimidating you. The police won't bother and Ebay already has a black mark against them.
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