final fantasy help??

    hi all...

    my fella has bought the new final fantasy for the pc...but it wont run, when opening up it says there is an error, he has tried re installing it but no luck...any ideas please??
    the laptop is very high spec and meet the needs...

    thank you


    You have a fella?!?!?!?

    And back on topic.............pass. lol


    "says there is an error"

    now where did I put my crystal ball

    Original Poster

    haha sorry....

    it says 'windows has detected a problem and needs to close'...

    ha ha sy..... im special me, why do you think thats so odd lol

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    The game is Final Fantasy 14 online, the game lets you connect and login but as soon as you click on the "Play" button A message appears and says "Windows has detected a problem and is working to solve the prolem" then comes up with a message that closes the game. I have gone into the games setup and changed all the graphic settings to the lowest and have opened all the ports up on the router (Just incase it was that). Still no joy! Please someone help

    Looking online it seems this is a common fault with the game and incompatible graphic cards and couldn't see a solution.

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    thanks sy, thats all we can find too booooooo
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