Final Fantasy XIV O2 Bundle Codes

    There's a promotion going on at the moment with O2 and unfortunately i'm not with them, i don't suppose anyone has the codes for the ingame items that they're not using, Thanks!


    Can you not just get a PAYG SIM for O2, sign up to Priority and get the codes? I'm sure the SIM's are only a quid. With the amount of people asking on here I doubt you will get one. Good luck though.

    The promo is for all EU accounts but the codes can only be obtained for UK with access to this service. EU always gets shafted with promos, while NA and JP accounts get stuff like this more frequently. So most EU players need to resort to giveaways. I'm in the same position and don't know who to ask anymore. It really sucks.

    Hey if someone has another code to spare (given priority to the op of course) it would be awesome


    i want a code too
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