Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Players

So I've finally just purchased ARR from PSN and was just wondering if there was people on here that would want to play or that can give me some tips, what server to join etc!



I have ARR on both PC and PS4.

The thing I love about the game is that try and find a fit, have a go with one class and if you can't get on with it, try another without having to create a whole new character.

If you have friends who play it, ask what server they are on, it doesn't matter if you are on PS4 and they are on PC you can join the same server and catch up with them, which I find more usefull. Otherwise look for reasonably loaded server.

The one thing to be aware of with heavensward is that you will need to level up to 50 and finish all the quests before going to Heavensward which in itself is an undertaking, but worth it since ARR has a really good story. Heavensward is massive and I haven't played a lot recently but it is still an amazing expansion.

I alpha and beta tested the first ff 14 and when it was released, it was like I was still playing the beta but ARR is an amazing game, far more immersive than WoW (which I also played for a number of years) and as a whole the people are alot maturer.


I'm on moogle. The good thing about XIV is you can swap out jobs whenever you wish (after you have been to a guild and unlocked it). So, if something doesn't take your fancy you can simply switch to another job until you find your calling. No need to start the game again to pick another job.

Biggest tip I can give is save up your leve points (you gain six every day) for your secondary jobs (mining, botanist, fishing, alchemist, etc). Using leve points you can take on leve quests that can give you huge exp gains if you pick the right one and then hand in High Quality items. It's the best way to get your secondary jobs to lvl 50 and beyond.

For your primary jobs (the ones you use to fight) the best exp levels are from dungeons and clearing your hunting chart. You can also take on leve quests but I prefer to save those leve points for the secondary jobs.

If you're thinking of signing up for more months after the 30 day period, get someone in the game to refer you and then sign up for more months. You gain extra goodies by being referred, like a friendship circlet that grants an extra 25% exp when equipped for jobs under lvl 25. As well as 100 teleport tickets (no need to pay gil) and silver feather (trade for special goodies).


Forgot to mention, the main questline should easily get you to lvl 50 on your preferred job. I shot paladin and got to 50 mostly just by the main quests and not much else.

I have this but not playing my ps much tbh but I do love this game, the best game on PS4 for me anyway. Snakeyes646
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