Finally found out how the rats were getting in to my cavity walls!!! YIPPIE!!

    heard the rat again last night then this morning the guy next door came round to tell me the rat has eaten its was through his wall and the back board of his kitchen cupboards. the guys was still saying its coming in through my house cheeky s*d so while i phoned the enviromental health rat man again the guy next door comes back round and tells me " you will never beleive it" the rat has bitten its way up through his solid concrete floor in his kitchen and this is how its getting in between the 2 walls. so i tell him i heard it again upstairs and he tells me oh yes i know ive had them in my attic for months!!!
    now this guy played hell with me that the rats where getting in via my drains ( which are connected to his) and they are bloody not.
    so the lad from enviro health comes round to bait and laid traps everywhere in the guys house as he found droppings in corners ( so the thing got out into rooms) and laid traps all over his attic.
    so now i have to wait for the guy to sort out the problem but i am just so happy its not another problem with my house ( i have enough
    Been to check our attic and couldnt see anything but the lad is coming back tomorrow so i'll send him up to check .
    thought i'd share this as everyone tired to help when i requested info on what to do. so thankns again guys


    wow so glad you have an end coming to this problem.

    what an awful neighbour- he must have known there were rats in his attic??

    thank goodness you'll soon be rat free x x

    Aww Lets hope they disappear, we had mice in my old house , it was so horrid. x

    no kidding.. eating concrete?? scary eh??

    so glad for you, they'll soon be gone now. If they ever come back make sure they check next doors house x x

    am glad your getting things sorted
    i just hope they dont find their way into my loft, i get major paranoid about things like this
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