Finally got a Xbox one s

Found 25th Sep 2017
So I can now play in 4K both games and films my question is. Should I bother buying 4K blurays? Is there much difference to standard blurays with my Xbox playing in 4K resolution? I do have a 4K ultra tv by the way before someone says I need one of them to play anything in 4K and my Xbox is in 4K resolution, not that I can see much difference on the games to be honest
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Xbox one S does not play games in 4K it’s HDR.
Ye games are no different than a standard Xbox, its the Scorpio later this years that's bringing 4k games (hope that's not too disappointing for you!)
For the price the one s is still a good buy and it does have 4k netflix ect.
I think an Xbox One S is about to be returned....
Okey dokey cheers people was only £120 so much cheaper than the standard Xbox one I was getting from brighthouse.

4K Netflix etc is still gorgeous but like I say I've never seen a 4k ultra film in comparison to standard blurays so are they worth getting? They seem to be atleast £15 even if the standard is only a few quid so that's making me think they are considerably better so maybe I'm being a gullible idiot haha
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