Finally some news to cheer up England fans

    Heskey's retired from International football


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    I'll miss him!

    Someone will convince him to come back......


    thought he retired years ago...

    I cried. (no homo)



    I cried. (no homo)

    Imagine how you'll feel if Fernando leaves.X)

    He was our best player (_;)

    why u all slating him

    he played better than some of the so called stars


    We'll defo win the next World Cup now.

    Good riddance to him, I've seen my Gran play better football.

    Is that the guy who hasn't scored since 2000BC.


    The man gave inspiration to millions that they too may be selected for England, he should be celebrated as such.

    But dont england always play better with him even though he doesnt score? What will we do?

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    Lol Heskey has worsde scoring record than goalies!!!

    Your text here

    Definitely need to find another scapegoat now

    Yes I heard that he was happy England were knocked out of the World Cup, he flew home as fast as he could and won the Ladies Singles at Wimbledon.
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