Find a muppet and get Free money on ebay !

    Another idiot on ebay just sold 2 polymer £5 notes without reserve…731?hash=item4b12f5340b:g:mvIAAOSwXYtYuUAb&autorefresh=true


    Edited by: "Rom" 4th Mar

    I remember when my mate sold some dvds ​a while back with free postage. Ended up costing him more in postage than he got selling them. lol.

    I remember once when someone had a gamecube on ebay 99p no reserve and £10 postage. I won it and it cost them nearly £12 to post. Felt bad and sent them another quid haha
    Edited by: "delusion" 4th Mar

    Shame to lose is 100% feedback should he decide to not send. did you manage to sell?

    I didnt find a muppet but I found a

    Mickey Mouse…626?hash=item41befff4ca:g:H0sAAOSwUKxYl8K1

    a stewie…036?hash=item41befff664:g:IdIAAOSw-0xYlobJ

    and a wolverine…394?hash=item41bef535e2:g:ADEAAOSwXYtYtAHN

    but no muppet :-(
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