Looking for info on auction houses that sell houssehold items or recovered, missing, police found etc. Apparently there are regular sales / auctions of recovered items.

    Not really interested in antique items or shops, or EBay auction stuff

    There is an earlier thread relating to airport selling off lost luggage and the contents. I have been thinking of going to auctions for a while now and would like to try. Son is moving into hsi flat soon and might be useful to take a look

    Have looked around on 'tinternet and not many of my local auction houses in North west have updated web pages. The only ones that do, are antique ones.

    Also, keep coming across web page, which for a FEE, will apparently give you LOADS of info on all auction house / police sales. They seem to act as an internet advert for many auction houses. Don't know why this info is not already on internet, unless of course one of you knows any different.



    most of the police property goes to local auction houses, and there is some right tat being sold off

    I have bought from a police auction in the past. I agree with dog_cop, it can be next to rubbish.

    I know that Biddle and Webb in Birmingham hold police and government auctions.
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