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bluedragon.com/zod…asp THE CHINESE ZODIAC EXPLAINED

Surprise surprise I'm a Monkey :roll:


- acecatcher3


Guess What... Im a Dragon...

The Dragon is energetic, idealistic, honest, determined, brace and … The Dragon is energetic, idealistic, honest, determined, brace and aggressive, and a born leader who inspires trust. Dragons are also complex, sensitive, stubborn, short-tempered, excitable and adventurous, often foolishly so, but are surrounded by good fortune which protects them from making any major mistakes. They have great imaginations and tend to be fashionable and flamboyant, spending their money lavishly, but they also have very good money making potential. Most compatible with: Monkeys and Rats.

It says im most compatible with 'Monkeys'...

I will ignore the 'rat' bit...

It says my Zodiac is Horse.
So now Im looking for Tigers and Dogs
as it says compatible with Tigers and Dogs...

oh guess what. sumthing i didn't want to be. the dragon sounds more cooler than the sheep
it said i was elegant and sensitive.

I'm a Horse as well. That doesn't explain why I always lose at the bookies
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