Find out who has blocked or deleted you on MSN

    Check this out:

    Found another one:
    (No need to enter password)


    Call me paranoid, but I don't put my passwords in to anything but the original sites

    some bitch has deleted me, she owes me 2 DVDs. Shes just mad cos I dumped her

    Me neither. Also...

    Is it free?

    Yes, the service is totally free. Our sole mean of income is publicity. Because of this you will receive in your e-mail account offers and promotions of thoughtfully selected top of the line products. We compromise to work by the ethical and good practices codes. In the publicity e-mails there will be a link which will provide unsubscription functionality. You can also unsubscribe from [url][/url].

    Agree with paranoid, don't give passwords to anyone! :roll:

    aMSN used to do this also but not sure if their new versions do.


    thanks i just put my passwords straight into it :oops:

    None of the ones suprised me, mostly people who have just changed their email

    i quickly changed my password, used the website to check and then changed it back.

    No one hates me that I know of 8-)

    Dammit! I thought MSN was a bit quiet over the last 6 months.... :lol:


    I block everyone on my own, for obvious reasons - lol

    I count about 40 there :cry:


    i hope none of my friends try this, as i have blocked most of them.

    YOu should never use one of these things and the moderators should remove it, there are always write up's about these sites on and they simply harvest your email and password.

    Bit of an eye opener.. could cause some awkward moments too :thumbsup:

    Yea these take over your account and spam everyone in your list with the webiste.


    Yea these take over your account and spam everyone in your list with the … Yea these take over your account and spam everyone in your list with the webiste.

    Almost worth it to see who yer friends are

    I block everyone , only reason is if i sign on i will have numerous message from different people and drives me nuts , or i just dont feel like talking to a certain person.

    So when im ready to talk i just unblock the people who i dont mind talking to lol

    Now i just hope they cant see that ive blocked them all
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