Groups, safe to use?

    I know they were formerly, but there are no reviews relating to their new name, and the site has been up for something like 8 months.

    Are they safe to use with cards? I've taken precautions by sending money to my paypal card anyway incase theyre a bit dodgy.


    I purchased a game on 8th Jan, I have had no response to emails asking when it is going to be sent, nor do they respond to messages left on the phone, honestly i would not use them again....

    by the way did you decide to buy anything?

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    by the way did you decide to buy anything?

    I was just about to last sunday, but i was a day too late and the game i wanted went out of stock. Luckily i found it similarly priced at grainger games so got it there.

    Dont think ill ever bother with that site now.

    Ordered a game in December 2010, still not turned up, no reply to emails, no refund and phone number goes straight to answer phone. When you get connected to the answer phone they request you to leave order details, name and phone number and say they will get back and they do not.

    I bought an electric hob just before Christmas. It has gone faulty.
    Tried to contact them but no reply to either phone or e-mail.
    My advice is DON'T DEAL with Findaddbuy!
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